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Technological measures intended to mitigate global warming by reducing the amount of sunlight received by the earth, for example by increasing the amount of sunlight reflected by the upper atmosphere, also the use of artificial and natural processes to remove CO2 from the atmosphere

The UK Government position [1] on Solar Radiation Management (SRM) is: "The Government is not deploying SRM, and has no plans to do so. The UK Government has commissioned research into the effects of SRM on climate, which showed that SRM deployment would produce changes in rainfall patterns and amounts. This would be likely to lead to winners and losers, with some regions suffering detrimental impacts. The UK Government is not commissioning further research into SRM"

Cambridge University plans to set up a Geo-Engineering research centre as reported by the BBC [2]

The FLUKE view is Geo-Engineering could play a role in mitigating the effects of global warming - at least in part - and finds UK Government's curt dismissal disappointing, given its willingness to spend billions on other approaches


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