North Sea Wind Variability

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KNMI Data Source

The KNMI Koninklijk Nederlands Meteorologisch Instituut (Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute) is a useful resource of accessible and free to download data and include the dataset: Wind - model time series from 2014 to August 2019 at 10-200 meters above the North Sea in individual 2.5 km grid location files

Would that there were an equivalent (non-paywall) resource by the UK

The data cover a rectangular area latitude 50°N to 55°N longitude 1°E to 8°E and while this information is most of interest to the Dutch, the coverage does include Dogger Bank and is suitable for analysing the potential performance of new UK wind farm projects.

The KNW-1.0_H37-ERA_NL-001-142.csv file relates to the 2.5km² tile centred on 53.59°N 1.47°E which is located within the proposed 1.5GW Green Investment Group - Total development east of Kingston-Upon-Hull

Animation of five years' of wind data in the North Sea

Validation of a Weibull distribution for hourly wind speed data

Using the Microsoft Excel function

={total number of measurements]WEIBULL.DIST({wind_velocity_m_s},2.318741605,11.81669862,FALSE)

it can be seen there is a good correlation between the fitted Weibull function curve (orange line) and the actual histogram data (blue bars)

Wind Speeds 2014 2019.png