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# [[Renewable Energy]]
# [[Renewable Energy]]
# [[How much SHOULD household energy bills be?]]
# [[Economics of Hydrogen Production]]
# [[Economics of Hydrogen Production]]
# [[Electricity Storage v Interruptible Demand]]
# [[Electricity Storage v Interruptible Demand]]

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Factsheets: Limiting United Kingdom Emissions

A vanity publishing project which solely reflects the views of its creator

Resources, musings and opinions … many of them fact-checked ☺ on UK energy, CO2 emission and climate change related issues

Even with improvements in energy efficiency, the UK Government expects as the industry, heating and transport sectors switch from fossil fuels, electricity consumption could double by 2050. If there is strong electrification of energy demand and high dependence on intermittent generation, then generation capacity could need to triple[1]

  1. Renewable Energy
  2. How much SHOULD household energy bills be?
  3. Economics of Hydrogen Production
  4. Electricity Storage v Interruptible Demand
  5. Transportation
  6. Nuclear Power
  7. Geo-Engineering
  8. Climate Change Statistics


  1. Overarching National Policy Statement for Energy (EN-1)[1]